Our Services

We Support The Needy In Africa With The Following

Charity Projects in Africa

Financial Assistance

Over the years we have assisted a number of people financially in order to support their dreams or assist their families. The cash donated to these people have gone a long way to make their dreams possible as well as give their families the support they need

Charity Projects in Africa

Provision Of Clothing

Clothing is a nessecity of life, we therefore make sure to provide clothing to the needy in society who may not have the means to access basic clothing. From cloths to already sewn clothes, we do our best to support these needy people

Provision Of Food

Unfortunately some people in society, it is difficult to have 3 square meals in a day. Some are not able to afford any food at all due to ailment or lack of employment. We go to the aid of these people and provide them with basic food items to sustain their livelyhood