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Creating A Smile


Everyone Deserves A Smile

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We Support The Needy In Africa

With The Following


Financial Assistance

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Provision Of Clothing

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Provision Of Food

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About Us

“Creating A Smile Foundation” is committed to offering financial and material support to the needy and poor, but brilliant students and families who cannot afford a daily meal. We see the alarming rate of families dying out of hunger and students dropping out or unable to continue their education due to financial problems. “Creating A Smile” has decided to be ...

Gabriel Yaw Nigriel

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I have received financial support from Creating A Smile Foundation to support my music career. As a blind musician, nobody was interested in financing my music but they came to my aid. I’m very grateful.

Blind man

I received a food items from Creating A Smile Foundation, it was life saver for my family.


The cash donation from Creating A Smile Foundation has been really helpful to me. God bless them for their kind hearts.